Life Coaching and substance abuse 

I came into Mari Beth's Outpatient therapy group when I was lost, broken, and had no idea where to turn.  She helped me with group therapy, one on one, and helped me dive deep through guided meditation.  She introduced me to the world of Alcoholics Anonymous, and assisted me getting into rehabilitation centers two different times.  Over the last 5 years, she has been an incredible therapist and confidante in my life.

Ashley I

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I have been a client of Mari Beth's for over three and a half years.  Initially we started out with face to face sessions, which were great.  Careers, however, took us in different directions.  She set up a Virtual Therapy Connect account for us to continue our sessions and the service provided is great.  It is just like an in-person session with a safe, secure, and very convenient way to get the service you need!  I no longer have to drive or sit in a waiting room, afraid someone I know will see  me pulling up or walking into the building to get the help I need.  Mari Beth will provide you with a professional, fun, relaxed, and convenient counseling session in the privacy of your own home.  I would recommend trying this out if you are on the fence.

Ben W

I am a recovering alcoholic and was a client of Mari Beth's for Intensive Outpatient (IOP) after my discharge from rehab. I met with Mari Beth four times a week and one of those sessions included my family.  My parents attended the family sessions weekly.  They were hesitant to go at first, but at the end of IOP, they expressed how glad they were to have gone and how skilled Mari Beth was as a therapist.  

She is empathetic and caring but pulls no punches.  She really makes one look at his or her behavior and explore alternatives to drinking and drug use to deal with life.  She is non-judgmental at a time when a person is probably feeling overwhelming shame and embarrassment.  She also helps the addict's family members explore their role in the addict's disease, since it is, after all, a family disease.